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Action Against Alzheimer's

Cognitive Decline is unfortunately on the rise. In November 2016, new figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that dementia has now replaced ischaemic heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales. To-date drugs for dementia have failed to make any real, lasting difference, other than perhaps some short term symptom improvement.


On the other hand, work in the United States is showing promising results. Professor Dale Bredesen, who has spent his life in Alzheimer’s research has developed The Bredesen Protocol™ with which he has, so far, reversed symptoms of diagnosed Alzheimer’s or ‘mild cognitive impairment’ in more than 90% of the 140 patients he has worked with. His programme involves mainly diet and lifestyle components.


I was lucky enough to first hear Professor Bredesen speak in March 2015. It was one of the most inspiring talks I have ever attended. So when Cytoplan, a UK food-based nutritional supplement company, announced that they would be working to help bring Professor Bredesen's work to the UK I knew I wanted to be involved. Cytoplan have developed their Action Against Alzheimer's Programme based on the diet and lifetstyle elements of the Bredesen Protocol™. It is a programme for people wanting to optimise brain function and overall health. I am excited to be one of the Nutritional Therapists licensed by Cytoplan to deliver the programme. For further information on The Action Against Alzheimer’s programme see


My colleague Aira Mahandru ( and I run Action Against Alzheimer's workshops for small groups. For further information please contact


In December, 2017 I completed my Institute for Functional Medicine Training in The Bredesen Protocol. I am now a ReCODE practitioner and able to provide support to those registered on Dr Bredesen's ReCODE programme. For more information on The Bredesen Protocol see






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