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"Virtually all human diseases result from the interaction of genetic factors and modifiable environmental factors, broadly defined to include infections, chemical, physical, nutritional, and behavioural factors."

Office of Genetics and Disease Prevention (CDC)  August 2000

Where do I practise?
My clinic is at home in Belsize Park and off street parking is available. I also see clients virtually.
What to expect from a nutritional consultation?


An initial consultation takes 75-90 minutes and costs £180. Before the consultation, I will ask you to fill in a 5 day diet diary and a detailed health questionnaire. Having this information in advance will enable us to maximise the consultation time. Depending on your area of concern, as well as addressing diet and lifestyle issues, some functional testing and supplements may be recommended. I do not take commission payments on supplements or testing.  I aim to give practical advice using diet first and foremost. Clients will receive a personalised plan within 48 hours of the consultation.


Follow up appointments take 30-45 minutes and cost £90.


How to pay?


Payment is either in advance by bank transfer or by cash or cheque on the day.




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